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Finding & Opening PDFs with SubManager

I’ve made some improvements to the way SubManager handles opening PDFs. In the past I used your web browser to display PDFs. This was fast and easy but some of you like to use Adobe Acrobat instead. And if you use a Mac you probably use Preview. Plus some browsers really didn’t print PDFs very… Read More »

Chat Module

SubManager has a simple chat module built into it. It provides an easy way for you to chat with other on-line users. You can start a chat from the Message Center window which opens when you start the program. If it’s not open select File/Message Center. The Message Center shows all users currently logged in.… Read More »

Credit Memos and Restocking Fees

Credit Memos are used when items sold on a retail or delivery sale are returned. You have the option of charging a restocking fee on the returned items as well. To enter a Credit Memo Locate the original sale and open it. Select Credit Memo from the action menu. The Credit Memo form opens.  … Read More »

Setting Catalog Prices and Costs

This post is going to talk about how SubManager handles prices and costs for catalog items. Items is a list of all the items in the database. The only price associated directly with an item is the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). There are no costs directly assigned to an item. Items are sold by vendors.… Read More »

Item Manager – working with Items

The first area of the Item Manager lets you find and modify items. Items are the basic physical ‘things’ we sell and inventory. At a minimum an item must have a Manufacturer, a Title, and a Key or Model Number. It should have an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but doesn’t have to. It may… Read More »

Build 337 – Email confirmations for Trips

This update introduces email confirmations for trips. Starting now an email is sent to job supervisors (usually the customer) 24 hours before their scheduled trip. The email will come from either or depending on the type of order it is. Automatic emails are only sent 24 hours before the trip. These confirmation emails can… Read More »

Working with Vendors

You can view the vendor record by right-clicking a Partner in the Partner Picker and choosing Vendor Profile. ‘Our’ vendor profile looks different from the other vendors. Everyone can view vendor records but you must have admin permissions to change them. Vendors we buy from The billing address and phones are the same as you see… Read More »

Merging Partner records

The Partner Merge tool merges two Partner records and all the related and dependent records associated with them. Since you can not delete a partner record once it’s created this is how you can eliminate duplicate records. Partner records are central to almost every important function of SubManager. Consequently a large number of dependent records involved. It’s… Read More »

About Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers This was originally posted last September as part of Build 233 update. I’m moving the discussion about serial numbers to its own post. Two import points about Serial Numbers are: Serial Numbers (SNs) can be attached to any inventory item. They can be entered on a PO, a Sales Order, a Pick Ticket or a… Read More »

Build 316

Bug Fixes: Scheduling Deliveries – you would get an error saying there was no job address. This is fixed. Issues with updating the Record Owner have been fixed. New stuff: Inventory Transaction Form has changed. More about this after the jump. Inventory Transactions have a new (easier) status. Read all about that here. The new Inventory Transaction… Read More »