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Merging Partner records

The Partner Merge tool merges two Partner records and all the related and dependent records associated with them. Since you can not delete a partner record once it’s created this is how you can eliminate duplicate records. Partner records are central to almost every important function of SubManager. Consequently a large number of dependent records involved. It’s… Read More »

How to install 4D

I’m posting this here because for some reason I don’t understand WordPress is refusing to display the page with these instructions.   To run Subcontractor Manager you need a copy of v13 of  4th Dimension installed on your computer. You can download the program here. I have made a short tutorial walking through the process… Read More »

What to do about errors

All software has bugs. Sometimes they cause (or ‘throw’) an error. Error handling generally happens invisibly to you as a user believe it or not. Sometimes they are serious enough to break the surface and that’s when you’ll see them. The takeaway: click Continue and see what happens. Depending on where in the code an… Read More »

Order Status

The Status field is a way to keep track of how orders are progressing. Here’s a listing of what they are and what they mean. Sales Orders Status How it’s set What it means Open by SubManager An un-accepted quote or bid Submitted SubManager or by a person That at least 1 quote has been printed… Read More »

PO Confirmations

Many vendors send a ‘confirmation’ for purchase orders. These confirmations acknowledge the PO was received and show what the vendor thinks we ordered, or more to the point, what they are going to ship for our order. It will also have the vendor’s order number and other useful information like the shipping date. Usually there… Read More »


There are a lot of searches in SubManager. This is, after all, what a database is built to do – store and find things. Most of the ones you interact with directly, like the Item Query and Partner Picker are very specialized to make it easier to find what you are looking for. At least… Read More »

A note about attaching scanned documents

You need to save scanned documents as PDF files if you want to attach them in Submanager. Some scanners give you the option of saving scans as JPGs or use JPG as a default. If you try to attach these files in SubManager it assumes that since it’s a JPG it must the a photograph… Read More »

Why won’t an address verify?

And why do I have to set the Tax Locale (whatever the hell that is)? Addresses are actually sort of complicated. When you enter an address in SubManager the first thing you see is the Google Map of that address. This is helpful for seeing what the property looks like (unless its a PO box)… Read More »

The problem with google maps and addresses

It’s Google’s dirty little secret on maps – if you google an address it will show up on the map even if it’s not a valid address. This is why the verification service is important – it looks up the address in the Postal Service database to see if it is a valid address for… Read More »