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Build 316

Bug Fixes: Scheduling Deliveries – you would get an error saying there was no job address. This is fixed. Issues with updating the Record Owner have been fixed. New stuff: Inventory Transaction Form has changed. More about this after the jump. Inventory Transactions have a new (easier) status. Read all about that here. The new Inventory Transaction… Read More »

Changes to Trips and the Schedule Planner

Trips I’ve added a comments and “status” field to trips. There are 4 options for status: Confirmed Tentative Complete Canceled The colors on the trip records indicate what it’s status is. Confirmed & Tentative A confirmed trip means the time and date is confirmed with the customer. A tentative trip means this hasn’t happened and the trip… Read More »

Order Status

The Status field is a way to keep track of how orders are progressing. Here’s a listing of what they are and what they mean. Sales Orders Status How it’s set What it means Open by SubManager An un-accepted quote or bid Submitted SubManager or by a person That at least 1 quote has been printed… Read More »

Entering Service Orders

There are a number of changes involving entering Service Orders. The basics are the same: identify the customer, set the dispatch and job address. What’s new is what comes next.   Source Order is the order the unit was originally installed by if we did the installation. You can look this up using the Order… Read More »