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Item Manager – working with Items

The first area of the Item Manager lets you find and modify items. Items are the basic physical ‘things’ we sell and inventory. At a minimum an item must have a Manufacturer, a Title, and a Key or Model Number. It should have an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but doesn’t have to. It may… Read More »

Build 337 – Email confirmations for Trips

This update introduces email confirmations for trips. Starting now an email is sent to job supervisors (usually the customer) 24 hours before their scheduled trip. The email will come from either or depending on the type of order it is. Automatic emails are only sent 24 hours before the trip. These confirmation emails can… Read More »

Merging Partner records

The Partner Merge tool merges two Partner records and all the related and dependent records associated with them. Since you can not delete a partner record once it’s created this is how you can eliminate duplicate records. Partner records are central to almost every important function of SubManager. Consequently a large number of dependent records involved. It’s… Read More »