Monthly Archives: July 2014

Build 207

This update resolves a number of issues:  – drag & drop from one Sales Order to another. Recently when you did this you got an error saying the item wasn’t billed.  – the freeze up that sometimes occurred when you added a second Order to a Trip is corrected.  – added progress indicators to the… Read More »

Build 205

This relaxes the restriction requiring a Job address to be verified. A couple of folks had some issues with addresses yesterday. Here are some things to keep in mind.   – you can edit an address record by going to the Partner Profile and clicking on the Profile button. The list of all addresses for… Read More »

Build 203

There is an update online now with the following additions:   – Installer schedule print option: This is quite basic but will allow producing a hard copy of an installer’s schedule for a day. There is a trip list and a workorder with the tasks, comments and notes listed. You will see a printer button… Read More »

Build 202

There are not a lot of changes in this build. STOP WORK flags are back. You can see all the Partners currently with Flags (that’s what I call them now) from the Partner Picker. From the Show menu choose ‘Flagged partners for the Energy House’. To change a flag open the Partner profile and click… Read More »

Build 201

This update accomplishes: – If an order has a Room designated it will be show on MyList and the Order Finder – vendor sales catalogs viewed on the vendor profile will load faster – if you entered an email address for a new partner on the new partner form the program would crash. This is… Read More »

Build 200

Good morning, This update addresses these issues: – the ‘Gallery” button on Orders will link you to photos uploaded for that order. You may also add photos using this link. – You can enter negative qty on sales orders EXCEPT for Retail or Delivery sales. This allows you to make change orders on installs where… Read More »

Build 194

This build of the database fixes some major issues of the last few days and clarifies the procedure for things like Change Orders. The problem installers were having with updating pick tickets via the website is corrected. Change Orders Change Orders only apply to lump sum contracts (installs). The reason we have them is because… Read More »

Build 187

Several important changes & fixes here. NEW THINGS Create & Route New Notes! Yea again. When you make a new note on an Order you can ‘route’ it. You can also create a new note from the Message Reader by right-clicking on an Order number. PO status will update to ‘submitted’ when printed.  Service Calls… Read More »

Build 183

This build gives you more messaging options! Including the return of ‘routing notes’! Yea. It also does a lot more. Here’s a quick overview. Message Reader To get the Message Reader choose File -> Read Messages. Right off the bat you’ll see any messages routed to you you haven’t read yet. If you have a… Read More »