Monthly Archives: August 2014

Build 221

Entering qty on labor items. There are two kinds of labor: job and hourly. Job labor is for lump sum contracts. When you add one of these labor items you should always make the quantity 1. You can set the price to whatever you need but the quantity is always 1. The other kind of… Read More »

Build 220

Here’s a rundown on what this build changes and fixes: INVOICES: 1) I added Notes to Invoices. These work exactly like the notes on Orders but are attached to Invoices instead. You can also ‘route’ or ‘send’ invoice notes just like Orders. 2) You can look up an invoice number using the Order Finder now.… Read More »

Why won’t an address verify?

And why do I have to set the Tax Locale (whatever the hell that is)? Addresses are actually sort of complicated. When you enter an address in SubManager the first thing you see is the Google Map of that address. This is helpful for seeing what the property looks like (unless its a PO box)… Read More »

The problem with google maps and addresses

It’s Google’s dirty little secret on maps – if you google an address it will show up on the map even if it’s not a valid address. This is why the verification service is important – it looks up the address in the Postal Service database to see if it is a valid address for… Read More »

Build 208

The items addressed on this update include:  – Invoices: the invoice lines area grows properly when you move the splitter bar the formatting problem (customer name not printing a bold) is fixed optimized the process that looks up invoice balances – web users: fixed a problem that resulted in web user’s passwords not being correctly… Read More »