Monthly Archives: September 2014

Build 234

SALES SCOREBOARD: the numbers on the scoreboard will now be based on the date an order is accepted. Previously it was the invoice date. ACTIVE ORDER SUMMARY: This report shows all the currently active orders. It’s sorted by Customer with totals for Cur Mods (which means anything that’s unbilled), Billed and Invoiced. You can filter… Read More »

Build 233

Bug Fixes: The Serial Numbers from the old system were written into the Comments of the order they were entered for. I have moved them from the Comments to the new Serial Number system. So you can look up any serial number using the Order Finder now. There are a few limitations on the old… Read More »

Buld 232

This build brings to following changes: Order Finder: You can select multiple rows now. Which is particularly useful since… Right click on the list of orders in the order finder and a popup menu let’s you change the status of an order to Done (if it’s a quote it’s changed to ‘Dead’). The other option… Read More »

Buld 231

Added a Serial Number search field on the Order Finder form. This won’t, however, find serial numbers from orders. I will add that in a future update. A Serial Number can return the PO the item came in on and/or the Sales Order it went out on. This is assuming the information is entered in… Read More »

A note about attaching scanned documents

You need to save scanned documents as PDF files if you want to attach them in Submanager. Some scanners give you the option of saving scans as JPGs or use JPG as a default. If you try to attach these files in SubManager it assumes that since it’s a JPG it must the a photograph… Read More »

Build 229

This build brings online more features important later on. One cool feature you may find useful is this – Notes can be emailed to an Order. Let’s say we want to attach a Note to Order #94110 (I just chose that one) but can’t log into 4D for some reason. I’m going to send an… Read More »

Build 227

The main point of this build is to implement a new API which will be the basis for the new installer’s web portal. I know that sounds like ‘yatta yatta blah blah’ but it’s a pretty big deal for the future of the web interface and this allows us to start testing it. It won’t… Read More »

Build 224

Here’s a rundown on the changes to SubManager: Partner Picker Searches I’ve changed the way some names are handled when they include things like ‘&’ and ‘-‘. As you probably know you haven’t been able to find a partner when part of their name was ‘M&M’ or ‘C J’. Now you can do that. You… Read More »

Build 223

Here’s what’s new in this build:  – Lump sum orders will re-open after being accepted.  – Retail Orders redraw correctly after being accepted.  – You can open the documents attached when an order is accepted. This last point is something you’ve been asking for. When you accept an order and attach a document to it… Read More »

Build 222

Here are the changes in SubManager you’ll see today: Delete Invoices. An invoice can be deleted. The button is on the Invoice form, so you have to open the actual invoice to delete it. More about what this entails below. Current Mods now appears whenever you open a PO. Credit Memos show up when printing… Read More »