Monthly Archives: October 2014

Build 247

This is primarily a bug fix but it’s an important bug: Payments were not being correctly represented on the Billing Account form. They were being shown with a balance due even when the payment had been fully applied. This is now fixe – a payment will only appear as ‘open’ if it is not fully applied… Read More »

PO Confirmations

Many vendors send a ‘confirmation’ for purchase orders. These confirmations acknowledge the PO was received and show what the vendor thinks we ordered, or more to the point, what they are going to ship for our order. It will also have the vendor’s order number and other useful information like the shipping date. Usually there… Read More »

Build 246

There are two important changes in this build: You can set the Title for a new Order when you set it up Major changes to the way PO Confirmations are handled Order Title When you make a new order you can see the Title as you go along. The title will update as you set… Read More »

Build 245

What’s new? Glad you asked. Order Form The Customer and Supervisor (if there is one) will be the only contact details showing. Previously the sales rep and everyone who ‘touched’ the order were listed. I also corrected the bug that deleted the notes you type when assigning a new owner. The alert dialog You can set… Read More »

Build 244 and the new splash screen

This update includes a few bug fixes and the inclusion of this blog on the splash screen. This screen will open the first time you login to an updated version of SubManager. It gives you a chance to read about the things that have changed. It also reminds you the blog is here. The blog… Read More »

Build 243

This update is mainly bug fixes. Fixed a bug that prevented attaching items from a retail sale to a PO. Also corrected an issue with retail quotes created before July 2. These quotes would not have the correct sales tax after they were accepted. This is fixed now. A bug that prevents updating catalog items… Read More »

Build 242

Partner Flags – stop work The old ‘stop work’ feature is now called Partner Flags. Here’s a summary of how they work. A ‘flag’ can be set by a credit manager. There can be more than one flag since there may be more than one issue to resolve. Flags can be set and cleared from… Read More »


There are a lot of searches in SubManager. This is, after all, what a database is built to do – store and find things. Most of the ones you interact with directly, like the Item Query and Partner Picker are very specialized to make it easier to find what you are looking for. At least… Read More »

Build 241

End Tab Labels They’re back. These are the colorful labels that print on the Smead forms for making folders for customers. Love ’em or hate ’em it’s up to you. Labels can be printed from two places: The Partner Profile page has a new button on the bottom left The Partner Picker popup menu (the… Read More »

Build 238

This build offers two new analysis features: Active Order Summary Sales Analysis These are available to everyone under the Admin/Sales Manager menu command. Active Order Summary This report lists all the active orders sorted by Customer and showing totals for Cur Modes, Billed and Invoiced. Sales Analysis This report is based on a date range… Read More »