Monthly Archives: November 2014

Build 254

This build enables the Sales Manager/Sales Rep Summary analysis tool

Build 253

This update fixes a couple of important bugs. Payments on Retail Sales not posting correctly If you accepted a retail sale and the payment amount was greater than $1,000 the payment was being recorded wrong. This is corrected. Attaching items to a PO with qty > 1 If you attach an item from a sales… Read More »

Looking at Commissions

This post is going to talk about sales commissions and how, if you are a salesrep, you can view your own commissions by selecting File/My Commissions. This allows you to look at your commission records and commission checks. This is also where you can share part or all of a commission with another user as well… Read More »

Build 249

There are two main updates in the build. The problem with attaching Service Call items to a PO is resolved. Billed Service Call items will attach to a PO as expected now. Just to review how Service Calls and invoicing them works : Service Calls are ‘accepted’ when they are created. So they can be… Read More »