Monthly Archives: December 2014

Build 269

This build corrects the issue some users were having when attempting to add comments or pictures to an order. When you clicked on the link to make a new email sometimes the complete address was not copied correctly to the email. Anyone looking at the Timeline or a schedule form using Android devices was affected. That problem… Read More »

Build 267

This update fixes some bugs and issues. Item Finder It does not matter how you enter a model or catalog number in the Item Query or the Catalog Search now. For example, let’s say you want to find model # ABC-1234/DG 67 You can enter this with or without the spaces, dashes, slashes and whatever.… Read More »

Build 266

There are some updates and fixes regarding the new document handling system. Accepting Proposals The bug preventing you from accepting proposals printed in the last few days is corrected. Printing Change Orders and Quotes is faster Remember last week I was telling you that when you printed a quote to take a moment and reflect… Read More »

Change Orders

Any job we sell that includes installation (not delivery) is a Lump Sum Contract. This means we agree to furnish the materials and labor to the customer in exchange for a specific price. We can’t just decide to charge a little more and the customer can’t decide to pay a little less unless both of… Read More »

Build 262 – includes important changes

Important Changes There are three major changes that are detailed in their own posts: The Order Timeline Adding pictures and documents to Orders Schedule Planner Update Take a minute to at least scan these. MyList – Retail Orders and Transfers I added a new menu with two new choices: Open Pickups :  shows list of… Read More »

The new Order Timeline

Edit 9/28/2015: updated to reflect new formatting. Build 262 introduces the Order TimeLine. TimeLine replaces both the Gallery and the Note list. This is a Timeline viewed on the order. The Timeline looks exactly the same if you view it from a webpage or from an Order. The webpage will only show public items. The Order… Read More »

DOX: Attached Documents – Adding pictures and documents to Orders, Partners and Vendors

SubManager offers a basic document management system called DOX. DOX allows you to upload an image, a PDF or just about any other type of document to SubManager and ‘attach’ it to a database records. Currently DOX works with Orders Partners Vendors Inventory transactions (pick tickets, receivers) Attaching Documents to Orders Attaching pictures and pdfs… Read More »

Build 257 – several important updates

Transfers I honestly thought I dealt with this a while ago but I didn’t and I apologize for the delay. You can access transfers now as you’d expect. Just to review how they work: There can only be 1 open transfer between two warehouses You create transfers in Warehouse Operations You can drag and drop… Read More »