Monthly Archives: January 2015

Build 272

The major new feature in this build is the Item Manager. More about that after the jump. Bug fixes The following bugs are fixed: If you deleted an attached item from a PO then tried to add it back on you would get an error saying the item was already there. Fixed. In Warehouse Ops… Read More »

Build 271

This fixes a few minor bugs. looking up an order in Warehouse Ops would fail if the order ref was the same as one used on another type of order – such as a transfer. a bug preventing opening the Vendor Profile was corrected.


This post will discuss transfers – what they are and how they work. Transfers are the way we record moving items from one warehouse to another. In SubManager a transfer is a special type of Order. Transfers are just like other orders because: you add items just like any other order you can attach items just… Read More »