Monthly Archives: February 2015

Build 286

This resolves the annoying issues we have been dealing with today. Issues with saving photos to Orders is fixed. The issue with opening a future trip from the Order is resolved. Problems with notes and log events on Orders is resolved. Other matters The Process Names table is added.

Build 285

This build corrects the problem with the Assembly Picker not finding any items.

Build 283

This patch consists of several bug fixes: The error when viewing catalog items withe Enable Pricing selected is fixed The GoBack item on installers workorders was always be set. This is fixed You can use the popup menu on the Item Picker setting page to choose a vendor catalog The Search tool for the Assembly… Read More »

Version 11.6, Build 282

There is a new look and capabilities for the Item Picker The Tax Exempt option for sales is functional. You can read all about that here. The process for adding new items on the fly has changed. Item Picker First off is the new look.   There are now three different search options: Catalog, Assemblies… Read More »

Build 281 – Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales Tax Exemptions To make an order sales tax exempt click the Settings tab and then the checkbox for This sale is Sales Tax Exempt. A small dialog box will open asking you for a reason why the sale is exempt. You must give some reason which will be part of the note created for… Read More »

Build 280

Bug fixes are listed at the end. “Go Back” status for orders Starting today there is a new status for order: Go Back. This means exactly what you’d think – that we need to schedule at least one more trip to complete the job. Orders with the Go Back status have a red header. This… Read More »

Order Status

The Status field is a way to keep track of how orders are progressing. Here’s a listing of what they are and what they mean. Sales Orders Status How it’s set What it means Open by SubManager An un-accepted quote or bid Submitted SubManager or by a person That at least 1 quote has been printed… Read More »

Build 279

The issue with SVC notes & pictures is resolved I thought it was the last time but this time I’m certain. The last 6 weeks or so of messages and job pictures are being processed as I write this. Job Pictures will be dated with the email date Pictures have been getting dated with whatever… Read More »

Build 278

This update is mainly concerned with bug fixes and stability improvements. Saving items on orders & quotes New changes you make on a quote or order are saved automatically when you print or accept the order or quote. Order Redraw Problems There were several issues with the items on an order not showing up the… Read More »