Monthly Archives: March 2015

How to install 4D

I’m posting this here because for some reason I don’t understand WordPress is refusing to display the page with these instructions.   To run Subcontractor Manager you need a copy of v13 of  4th Dimension installed on your computer. You can download the program here. I have made a short tutorial walking through the process… Read More »

Build 301

This fixes problems with Warehouse Operations (pick tickets and receivers not showing in the list and the Loadout not printing) some issues with the Item Manager  

Build 300

This update fixes a few things that were broken by the change in handling catalog items. These include: the *SOorder number command in the Item Query is fixed. dragging an order onto another order to allow you to add all items is fixed. the freight policy would calculate on some labor items is certain cases. This… Read More »

What to do about errors

All software has bugs. Sometimes they cause (or ‘throw’) an error. Error handling generally happens invisibly to you as a user believe it or not. Sometimes they are serious enough to break the surface and that’s when you’ll see them. The takeaway: click Continue and see what happens. Depending on where in the code an… Read More »

Build 299

This update fixes a few bugs. Most noticeably is the error that came up when adding items to a PO.

Build 297

Changes Order Finder: you can include the Summary Total now. This has always been possible for My List and now it works with the Order Finder. All you have to do is check the Show $$ checkbox before you do a search. If you change the Primary Billing Description it will also change Order Title. See… Read More »

Build 294

Changes affecting all users: The Item Picker (again) Items added to an order will always have a price and cost (if it has an MSRP) Item Picker The Item Picker is back to working the way the Item Query tool did – you enter something in the search box and hit TAB. The list will… Read More »

Using Import Data

Import Data is a tool in SubManger that let’s you import item and catalog data from vendors or manufacturers. It’s particularly helpful that you can import text files from disk or simply paste the data into the form. Create a new Data Import with Admin/Add item update data… If you already have Item Query open… Read More »

What you need to know about Items

Items are the basic sales and inventory component in SubManager. Items must have these minimum characteristics:  Manufacturer Title (short[ish] description of the item MSRP – the manufacturer’s suggested retail price Manufacturer’s Key Field Model number There are many more bits of information that may be associated with an item as well. These are listed in… Read More »