Monthly Archives: April 2015

Build 309

Bug fixes: Adding new items on-the-fly the Energy House cost wasn’t being correctly labeled. Vendor Profile: the Inactive checkbox functions correctly now. Partner Profile: selecting All Orders works correctly now. Previously it was only returning 100 orders. It’s been possible to add an un-accepted Change Order to an invoice. This is fixed. Arranging items in… Read More »

Using the Address List to add and update addresses

Partner Addresses When you click the Edit Addresses button on the Partner Profile you’ll see this form: The first thing to notice is all the addresses for the partner will be listed on the left. You can click through them to select one. I designed this form to let you browse addresses quickly and sometimes… Read More »

Build 308

Bug fixes: The dialog asking about saving your workspace when you quit is gone New stuff: Changes to the Address form. You can’t change a verified address unless you un-verify it. added extra spaces between the model # and Mfg Key on printed POs Setting the Received checkbox on a Receiver will also set the… Read More »

Build 306

Bug fixes: Dropping a Partner into the order finder was generating an error instead of search. This is fixed. The Show Amounts checkbox was not working on the Order Finder. Fixed. The Reset Password function for web users was not working on the Partner Profile. Fixed. Creating a new service call won’t generate the meaningless… Read More »

Voiding Orders

The ability to void orders has been added. It’s a command added to Options Menu on Orders. Voiding can be required sometimes but shouldn’t be something that’s done often. If you are using VOID often you are doing something wrong. Voided orders aren’t deleted but almost all records associated with them are. Inventory records are deleted.… Read More »

Build 304

Some fixes to a few small things: Partner Profile – double clicking on a Project will open it now – you can find POs for vendors On Inventory Details double clicking on a PO will open the PO (it was opening a workorder of the same number instead) Added menu items to the new Partner… Read More »

SubManager version 11.7

This update moves SubManager to 11.7 build 303. There are some important changes to how you view and interact with Partners so take a moment to review them. New features The Partner Profile has a clean new look You can edit Partner phone numbers and email directly from an Order A new way to manage… Read More »

Build 302

Bug fixes: Problem with setting item prices in the item manager is fixed Problem saving Scope of work Policies is fixed. I tweaked the routine for drawing the header at the top of many forms. You shouldn’t notice any differences but if you do please email me.