Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Sales Analysis Tool

Sales Analysis let’s you explore sales data for a date range from a few days to a few years. With it you can see the answers to questions like: what is the highest selling item? who is the highest selling sales rep? who are my best customers? what were the sales for a particular manufacturer… Read More »

Build 311

Bug fixes: The documents list on the Inventory Transaction form is fixed. It has been missing for the last couple of builds. New Stuff: Big changes to the Sales Analysis tool! It’s so important there is a whole how-to post about it.

Build 310

Hello folks, A few of these notes are from some small changes before I left. The others are new. New stuff: Deleting a trip – you must provide a reason for deleting a trip. A note will be added to all the orders on that trip with that reason. Editing Assemblies: you can duplicate an… Read More »