Monthly Archives: July 2015

Build 318

Bug fixes: Changes on orders not saving. In certain situations adding items to order wouldn’t save. This has been fixed. Moving a Trip on the Planner from one crew to another didn’t remove the trip from the first crew. Fixed in build 317. New stuff: Printing individual schedules is back! The Print button will appear… Read More »

Build 316

Bug Fixes: Scheduling Deliveries – you would get an error saying there was no job address. This is fixed. Issues with updating the Record Owner have been fixed. New stuff: Inventory Transaction Form has changed. More about this after the jump. Inventory Transactions have a new (easier) status. Read all about that here. The new Inventory Transaction… Read More »

Inventory Transactions – the Status

Inventory transactions (InvTrxns) put things, we call them items, into or take them out of inventory. There are two basic flavors of InvTrxns: Receivers put things in and Pick Tickets take things out. Any order can have both receivers and pick tickets but usually: Purchase Orders have Receivers Sales Order have Pick Tickets Receivers Things get… Read More »

Build 315

Bug Fixes: The problem with new orders not transferring when they were accepted is fixed. Any orders that were accepted have been transferred to Alan. Any others are owned by the person who created them. The process for managing pictures and messages on the server has been greatly improved. This was starting to cause the… Read More »

Build 314

Bug fixes: Installer’s schedules will only display Confirmed & Done trips. Canceled & tentative won’t appear. The Tax Exempt checkbox on Orders correctly adds/deletes Sales Tax. Changes: Warehouse Ops: the menu for printing Loadouts is condensed. Before a secondary menu popped open to give you the option of printing the Loadout for the location or… Read More »

Build 313

Bug Fixes:   New things: Slack

Build 312

Bug Fixes: Sales Analysis Tool: when attempting to analyze a single item (like ‘freight’) you got an error. Sales Analysis Tool: sometimes you would get an array index error and the analysis would fail. This is fixed. Deleting Payments: you couldn’t delete a payment when it was loaded by the Partner Billing form. The Attached Item… Read More »

Changes to Trips and the Schedule Planner

Trips I’ve added a comments and “status” field to trips. There are 4 options for status: Confirmed Tentative Complete Canceled The colors on the trip records indicate what it’s status is. Confirmed & Tentative A confirmed trip means the time and date is confirmed with the customer. A tentative trip means this hasn’t happened and the trip… Read More »

Attached Items

“Attached Items” refers to Sales Order items that are ordered specifically on a Purchase Order or Transfer. Creating attached items is easy: open the sales order open the purchase order drag an item from the sales order to the purchase order The sales order must be accepted. If the quantity of items is more than… Read More »