Monthly Archives: August 2015

Build 321

Bug Fixes: Labor item price disappears when setting new price formula: this persistent issue is fixed.

About Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers This was originally posted last September as part of Build 233 update. I’m moving the discussion about serial numbers to its own post. Two import points about Serial Numbers are: Serial Numbers (SNs) can be attached to any inventory item. They can be entered on a PO, a Sales Order, a Pick Ticket or a… Read More »

Build 320

New Stuff: Customer Review: Admin/Sales Manager/Customer Review. Opens a form allowing you to generate lists of customers based on a date range and whether they were quoted or actually bought. Order Timeline: There’s a new look to the Timeline. The information is the same but the format is nicer. Plus it looks much better on small… Read More »

Build 319

Bug fixes: Issues with adding items from other orders are fixed. New things: Partner Merging! I can merge two partner records now. This also merges all the references to the partner throughout the database. See below.   Partner Merging We can merge duplicate partners. Doing this also changes all of the references to the duplicate… Read More »