Monthly Archives: May 2016

Build 346

This update deals with the strange values created on invoices when accepting retail sales. I expect this to correct that – please let me know if you continue to encounter the problem.

Build 345

This update addresses the problems with weird numbers appearing on Invoices sometimes. I haven’t been able to identify exactly what causes it because it’s pretty random and only affects a small number of records. You may get an email if one of the Payments you entered is corrupted.

Build 344

This update primarily addresses the bug in creating Credit Memos that prevented you from not refunding shipping. I have also put in a Restocking Fee option which allows you to enter any restocking fee amount when you issue a Credit Memo. Please take a minute and read the details about Credit Memos and Restocking Fees… Read More »

Credit Memos and Restocking Fees

Credit Memos are used when items sold on a retail or delivery sale are returned. You have the option of charging a restocking fee on the returned items as well. To enter a Credit Memo Locate the original sale and open it. Select Credit Memo from the action menu. The Credit Memo form opens.  … Read More »

Build 343

This build fixes the problem with Windows 10 users not being able to create quotes.

Welcome to SubManger version 12

I kicked up the version number tonight to reflect the move to the newest version of 4D. Moving to this version has been pretty smooth, for the most part. There is a small conflict with something called a plug-in that’s caused a few problems. Without diving deep into the weeds the deal is this –… Read More »