Build 203

By | July 29, 2014

There is an update online now with the following additions:

  – Installer schedule print option:
This is quite basic but will allow producing a hard copy of an installer’s schedule for a day. There is a trip list and a workorder with the tasks, comments and notes listed.

You will see a printer button on the Installer/Week view. Select the date you want to print from the calendar then click the printer button.

You will also need to print the pick ticket for that trip from Warehouse Ops.
  – The column headers on the Schedule Planner now show the correct date when using the Installer/Week view.
  – On the Invoice screen – right click on the invoice lines to:
remove a billable item from the invoice (it becomes un-invoiced and can be put on another one)
open the order
Added a progress indicator when adding items to an order.
And, of course, several various bug fixes.

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