DOX: Attached Documents – Adding pictures and documents to Orders, Partners and Vendors

By | December 17, 2014

SubManager offers a basic document management system called DOX. DOX allows you to upload an image, a PDF or just about any other type of document to SubManager and ‘attach’ it to a database records. Currently DOX works with

  • Orders
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Inventory transactions (pick tickets, receivers)

Attaching Documents to Orders

Attaching pictures and pdfs is particularly useful with orders. The most basic documents will be the quotes created during the sales process. Drawings, specifications and other information about the job can be attached also.


Here’s the new look for the Document list on an order. Documents are readily available by double clicking on them. This will download a copy of the file to your computer and open it with the appropriate program.

You can change the document name right in the list. SubManger will make the name the original filename but you can change it to something more useful.

The Add button allows you to add any type of document from your computer. Click Add to choose the documents you want to attach. Submanager will sort them out and if you add image files (jpg, png, tiff and so forth) they will be recognized as pictures and stored that way. Any other kind of document can be attached – PDFs, text files, and so forth.

 Adding Installer Notes and Pictures

The way Installers will upload pictures and enter field notes is changing. Instead of the web forms we’ve been using they will use a simple e-mail to update their jobs.


This screenshot shows the new link on Installer’s Workorders. When they click it their device will open their email app and create a new email. To update the order they simply attach pictures to the email and write their comments. Depending on the size of the emails attached the update process may take up to 20 minutes to show up in the Timeline.

Obviously this requires the installer to have their email app set up.

Attaching DOX to Partners and Vendors

Partner and Vendor records can have notes and documents now. These work exactly like the ones on Orders. On the Partner record click the Documents button.


Click the Documents button.


This is a larger version of the document list you see on Orders. Notice the search widget. Partners are likely to collect a lot of documents over time. The search box allows you to find documents based on a word in the title. Click the All button to show all the documents again.

Notice the button at the very bottom. Documents can be emailed to that address and automatically attached to this Partner. Anything in the email itself will be added as a note.

Click the button to copy the email address to your clipboard. This makes it easy to share it.

Change the document title

You can change the title of a Dox on any of the lists. Just do a slow click (click and hold for a moment) on the document name to enable editing. Then type in a useful title up to 255 characters. This title appears on the lists only – the actual file name stays the same.

Anyone can email Notes and Documents to an Order!

It’s possible for you to email a note, picture or document directly to any order or Partner. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new email and address it to:
    submanager+order  (the plus sign is part of the address)
  2. Write your note and attach any pictures or documents
  3. Click Send

That’s it. Submanager does the rest.

Order Ref is the key

Basically every order now has it’s own email address within a special mailbox named ‘submanager’. Submanager (the program) monitors this mailbox and downloads any email it finds, parses out the notes and documents then attaches them to the correct order.

The key to making it work is the getting the email correct. Some examples:

  • Quote 87654 :
  • Sales order 68754 :
  • PO 43456:
  • Service Call 49876:
  • Kozy Heat Fireplaces:

To email documents to a partner you have to know the Partner ID. The easiest way to get this is to open the partner record, click the documents button and get the address.

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