Build 205

By | July 30, 2014
This relaxes the restriction requiring a Job address to be verified.
A couple of folks had some issues with addresses yesterday. Here are some things to keep in mind.
  – you can edit an address record by going to the Partner Profile and clicking on the Profile button. The list of all addresses for that Partner are on the right side. Double click an address to open it for editing.
  – to Verify an address you need to open it and click the Verify button. A google map page appears when you open the address record but this is not the verification. Google maps let’s you see the location. The Verify button looks up the address on the Postal Service database (using a service that does this sort of thing). When you verify the street address is changed to match the post office and the zip code is updated too. This verifies the address is legitimate and mail can be delivered to it. This is a good idea for a billing address. In fact it’s required.
  – some partners have a lot (hundreds) of address records. These are usually a lot of duplicates. You can merge these dupes on the Partner Profile.
Looking at the address list click the header on the address column to sort the addresses.
Click on the first address of a string of dupes, hold the shift key and click on the last one to select them.
Right click on them and select Merge.
You may need to repeat these steps a few times to clean them all up.
Tax Locales
A job address must have a tax locale assigned to it. This identifies what tax rate applies to that job. Usually this is taken care of automatically but sometimes the database can’t look up the locale by itself. When this happens a small screen pops open with green and white lines.
To set the tax locale just type in the name of city or county the address is in. When you see the correct locale (city or county) click on it. Now you can click the OK button and you’re done.

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