Build 207

By | July 31, 2014
This update resolves a number of issues:
 – drag & drop from one Sales Order to another. Recently when you did this you got an error saying the item wasn’t billed.
 – the freeze up that sometimes occurred when you added a second Order to a Trip is corrected.
 – added progress indicators to the Billing Account when loading information.
 – Verify Address: if an attempt to verify an address fails you will get a message saying so.
 – Tax Locales will attempt to be looked up when an address is entered.
Note: you may still need to ‘Set’ the tax locale on some old addresses.
 – Sales & Use Tax Report has been optimized to run much faster.
 – The Manufacturer field will appear on Sales Orders as expected now.
 – The option to show or hide the Manufacturer field on orders persists now. This means when you check the ‘show mfg’ checkbox it will stay checked for all other orders until you change it again.
 – various obscure dialog boxes I use in development will no longer appear.
 – occasionally you would see, or something would print, with some formatting code visible (<SPAN STYLE=’Arial” … etc.). This has been identified and fixed.
Things I’m working on now
These items haven’t been forgotten. They are more involved than the sort of fixes I’ve been focusing on. They take more time and testing before I can put them in.
* Improving the web pages used by installers.

I am working with a designer who specializes in mobile web apps (which is what that actually is) on complete overhaul of these pages. It should be done in the next couple of weeks and will make the experience much easier and maybe even fun.

* Transfers
* Notifications
This module will allow you, the user, to indicate what you want to be notified about on Orders you own. You’ll have options like:
Status change on an order
Trips scheduled / completed
Special order items received
New pics uploaded
You will also have the option to have these emailed or texted to you in addition to appearing in the Message Reader.
* Sales Rep access to commissions
Sales reps will have the ability to view their Commission history as well as open commissions.
* Accounting

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