Welcome to SubManger version 12

By | May 1, 2016

I kicked up the version number tonight to reflect the move to the newest version of 4D. Moving to this version has been pretty smooth, for the most part. There is a small conflict with something called a plug-in that’s caused a few problems. Without diving deep into the weeds the deal is this – the plug-in has a number of chunks of code used throughout SubManager. One of those chunks behaves slightly differently under 4D version 15 than it did before. The issues don’t cause crashes but does cause some things not to calculate correctly. A few of you saw this last week with the issue of items calculating a price of $0 when the cost was over $1,000. After looking at this I decided to go ahead and remove all the references to the plug-in. (The functionality the plug-in provided is now ‘baked in’ to 4D.) This was pretty straightforward and time consuming but it’s done. I’ve tested things pretty thoroughly but please let me know if you notice anything not calculating correctly.

“Why is 4D so slow sometimes?”

The short answer is I’m not sure yet. The fact is the slowness seems to only afflict users connecting through our offices – which means connecting through WiLine. I’ve filed trouble tickets with them and they say there’s nothing wrong. At the same time people in the office are having a terrible time I, and others, can log on from outside the office and things are fine. This isn’t a 4D issue unfortunately. There’s nothing I can do in the code to change anything. I’m continuing to try to identify the source so keep letting me know when you experience slow downs.

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