Finding & Opening PDFs with SubManager

By | June 17, 2017

I’ve made some improvements to the way SubManager handles opening PDFs. In the past I used your web browser to display PDFs. This was fast and easy but some of you like to use Adobe Acrobat instead. And if you use a Mac you probably use Preview. Plus some browsers really didn’t print PDFs very well.

Now SubManger will use whatever program you have selected for reading and printing PDFs and it will do this for both Windows and Macintosh users. However, since these choices can be different for each user it also means you may see different behavior if you use another machine. And on Windows if you haven’t indicated a program for reading PDFs you’ll have a chance to do that the first time you open on.

SubManager stores PDFs on the Desktop in a folder named ‘Submanager Documents’

If you aren’t familiar with the Desktop have a look here.

Any time you open a PDF in SubManager it makes of copy it in this folder. This is true for any operating system (Mac or Windows). In fact this folder can get pretty crowded over time and you may want to clear out old files from time to time.

Your default program for reading PDFs

If you installed Adobe Acrobat Reader it probably made itself your default.

If you didn’t install anything and have a Mac the default program is Preview.

If you are on a Windows 10 machine the Edge browser is your default unless you installed Adobe Reader.

If you are on a Windows 7 machine it’s probably the latest version of IE.

You can change it easily. Open the Submanager Documents folder and right-click on a file.
Here’s what it looks like using Windows 10.

This tells me my PDFs will open with MS Edge. If I click the Change button…

I can choose a different program. I’m going to click Acrobat.

And you see I’m set to use Acrobat to open all my PDFs. If you have some other flavor of Windows the process will be similar.

On a Mac I right-click on a PDF and choose Get Info from the popup menu.

This tells me PDFs will open with Preview. Since this information is in a popup list I can click on it for more options:

I don’t have a better option so I’m sticking with Preview. If you like using Adobe Reader, and you have it installed, you can choose it here.

The printing is done by the program

SubManager doesn’t actually print any PDFs, it just opens them on your computer in the program you prefer and that program does the printing.

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