Setting up Installers & Crews

By | September 21, 2018

In SubManager you schedule Crews to work on Orders. A Crew can have 1 or more Employees assigned to it. To edit Crews or Employees open the Schedule Planner and click the button.

The Edit Crews form opens. Only one person can be editing Crews and Employees at a time. If someone else is doing this you’ll get a message. You also can’t do any scheduling while editing Crews.

The Crew window

There’s nothing wrong with using a person’s name for the Crew name but there are some good reasons not to. The main one has to do with managing things like vacation and employee turnover. 

However you decide to make names you enter it here. From the popup beneath the name choose the location that crew is in. Next you add Members to it. 

Just because you name a Crew for a person
doesn’t mean that person is in the crew!

You can add existing employees to the crew with the Add Member button. If the person you need isn’t in the list you must make them an employee.

To add a new employee click the Edit Employee button. 

To create a new employee simply drag them from the Partner Picker to the Add Employee button. 

Employees must have a Partner record. This is also the source of their email address and phone numbers.

The list on the left shows all employees. Inactive employees have a check mark. 

Once you add the new employee from the Partner Picker click Edit Crews to return to the Crews form and add this person to the Crew. 

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