How to install 4D

To run Subcontractor Manager you need a copy of 4th Dimension installed on your computer.

You can download the program right here:

For Windows

The installer will create a desktop shortcut and install a linkto SubManager. Old versions of 4D will be removed if present.

For Macintosh

Setting up 4D to access SubManager

If you have old versions of 4D installed it may take a few minutes as all the old versions will be removed and the current one installed.

Once 4D is installed start the program. If you see this screen

Select File/Open/Remote Database. You should see this screen:

Click the Custom tab and fill in the fields.

Database name: SubManager

Click the checkbox indicated.

Uninstall old versions of 4D

Installing a new version of 4D may not remove all old versions you have installed. Unless you have some reason to keep the old versions it’s a good idea to remove them. You do not have to but it’s easy to get confused about which one you should be using with multiple copies on your disk.

How to uninstall 4D on Macintosh

Open the Applications folder. 4D will be in folders labeled “4D”. To uninstall them just drag the folders to the trash.

How to uninstall 4D on Windows

Click on the Start button and choose Control Panel. Now choose Uninstall a program from the Programs Category. A window will open with a list of all programs installed on your computer. Near the top of this list you will see the versions of 4D installed. Click on one of them then click the Uninstall link. Confirm you want to remove it and wait.

Repeat this process for all the older versions of 4D. Don’t worry if you accidentally uninstall the current version – you can just run the installer again.