Credit Memos and Restocking Fees

Credit Memos are used when items sold on a retail or delivery sale are returned. You have the option of charging a restocking fee on the returned items as well. To enter a Credit Memo Locate the original sale and open it. Select Credit Memo from the action menu. The Credit Memo form opens.  … Read More »

Build 343

This build fixes the problem with Windows 10 users not being able to create quotes.

Welcome to SubManger version 12

I kicked up the version number tonight to reflect the move to the newest version of 4D. Moving to this version has been pretty smooth, for the most part. There is a small conflict with something called a plug-in that’s caused a few problems. Without diving deep into the weeds the deal is this –… Read More »

Build 341

Payments You can double click on an invoice on the payment form to open it now.

Build 340

There is a change to the way the Item Picker works. You will often be seeing larger lists of items. The reason is very geeky. The reason When you have a single search term, like ‘pvtk’ for example, the old method would search for items with that exact string in the model number, the key number,… Read More »

Setting Catalog Prices and Costs

This post is going to talk about how SubManager handles prices and costs for catalog items. Items is a list of all the items in the database. The only price associated directly with an item is the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). There are no costs directly assigned to an item. Items are sold by vendors.… Read More »

Build 338 – Schedule Notification Emails

This update addressed a few issues that came up after using the notification emails for a couple of days. There were a lot of incorrect email addresses. These are checked more carefully now to make sure typos don’t get through. Senders will get notified if your email doesn’t go through. The notification email comes from… Read More »

Item Manager – working with Items

The first area of the Item Manager lets you find and modify items. Items are the basic physical ‘things’ we sell and inventory. At a minimum an item must have a Manufacturer, a Title, and a Key or Model Number. It should have an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but doesn’t have to. It may… Read More »

Build 337 – Email confirmations for Trips

This update introduces email confirmations for trips. Starting now an email is sent to job supervisors (usually the customer) 24 hours before their scheduled trip. The email will come from either or depending on the type of order it is. Automatic emails are only sent 24 hours before the trip. These confirmation emails can… Read More »

Build 336

Bug Fixes: Changed the way downloaded email is processed. More below. Addressed problem with Service Calls not billing correctly. Fixed a bug in on the Order Item List. In certain situations involving change orders with shipping charges credited back the Summary tab would show a different, incorrect, total than the summary on the change orders. New… Read More »