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Attached Items

“Attached Items” refers to Sales Order items that are ordered specifically on a Purchase Order or Transfer. Creating attached items is easy: open the sales order open the purchase order drag an item from the sales order to the purchase order The sales order must be accepted. If the quantity of items is more than… Read More »

Build 290 – new Item Picker

I’ve changed the Item Picker in this build. The old design really wasn’t working very well. Frankly is just sort of sucked – it was bloated and unintuitive. I think this one will be easier to use. First – it’s very simple. It opens onto the Items list.    This looks a lot like before… Read More »


This post will discuss transfers – what they are and how they work. Transfers are the way we record moving items from one warehouse to another. In SubManager a transfer is a special type of Order. Transfers are just like other orders because: you add items just like any other order you can attach items just… Read More »